Ban the presidency

Problem: Both major candidates for the presidency are intensely unpopular. One is a demagogue fomenting white nationalism. The extreme magnitude of attention lavished upon the latter by the media and public figures only assures an ever widening audience for his message of hate. The other is an inclusive pragmatist who might make history as the first woman to be elected president of the United States or might lose to an unqualified bigot, but is best known for her husband’s sexual intercourses and her damn emails. Meanwhile, one of the most enlightened, redeeming, and skilled presidents of our history, Barack Obama, has been almost powerless to contain the global spread of resentment and violence incited by his predecessor, George W. Bush. In summary, the American presidency and the campaign for election to the office have become far more capable of destruction and distraction than creation and education. Solution: Ban the presidency — and redistribute its disproportionate share of attention to the Congressional, state, and local elections that in aggregage matter far more.


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