This is a test

Let’s think about how this plays out.

First, the executive branch defies the judiciary and we are outraged (correctly) by this breach of the rule of law. Next, Trump fills the Supreme Court justice seat that was legally Obama’s to fill, and the Court puts its imprimatur on Trump’s agenda. Soon, we are the ones defying the judiciary, giving Republicans the basis to belittle us as hypocrites.

He’s done this before, claiming the election was rigged, provoking our outrage about the peaceful transfer of power – only for him to win and belittle our outcry as poor sportsmanship. The macabre irony, of course, is that the election was rigged in his favor, thanks to gerrymandering and other voting restrictions, and the judiciary has lost a critical degree of independence thanks to Republicans stealing the Supreme Court seat. This is concentration of power by the manufacturing of crises.

We have to be ready for this.


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