The use and abuse of truth

The latest Wikileaks dump is yet another Pyrrhic victory for truth and transparency. Each leak is calculated to undermine the legitimacy of any threat to Putin and Trump: intelligence agencies, Clinton, liberals, elections. These targets deserve to be criticized, but not like this – not for the sake of a greater deception, a greater obfuscation, a greater evil: autocracy.

Putin, Trump, and their enablers employ an increasingly common tactic: expose or oppose something that many people, especially liberals, dislike — surveillance, corruption, meddling in foreign elections, drone strikes, Islamic patriarchy, media bias — and use that as justification for doing much worse; then, when liberals protest, delegitimize them as hypocrites.

It’s all about the ends, not the means. What is important is not so much truth or falsehood, but to what uses the truths or falsehoods are employed.


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