Accidental white nationalism

While Bannon may be on his way out, we fail to appreciate the power of white nationalism in the mindset of many Americans, especially and most dangerously among people who are not consciously white nationalists. They are predominantly white American males with average or above average education who hold a libertarian worldview (though most may not identify as libertarians) based on an ideal of “limited government” rationalized on the principle of non-coercion. This ideology holds that the initiation of force is wrong, anything the government does is coercive, and so the only legitimate function of government is to use force against those who initiate it. This rationalization leaves only two faculties of government as legitimate: military and police.

While this ideal of non-coercion sounds laudable, in practice it serves to reinforce the hierarchies inherited from a history of coercion. American military and police powers tend to be used disproportionately to serve the interests of white nationalism. This is not merely an abuse of otherwise legitimate government powers. It is, given our history, the inevitable application of libertarianism.


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