Agony of caring

Once you begin to care about justice, the multiplicity of causes becomes overwhelming, the number of issues clamoring for attention draining, the endless list of injustices demoralizing. But there is really only one cause: freedom. 

Freedom, however, is not simply being left alone — not after a history of oppressive power favoring some privileged groups at the expense of other people. Freedom is the sharing of power so that no one wields disproportionate power over others, which requires breaking down the concentrations of power that have accumulated through history and building up the power of those who have been deprived.

That, of course, is no small task, perhaps no less daunting. But at least this insight can guide our efforts. It tells us the problem is systemic, the responsibility collective. No amount of individual clamoring, boycotting, giving, caring will make a difference on the fundamental level. Rather, we need to coordinate systemic reform in our economy of power.


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