What if?

What if a party campaigned for a set of structural reforms to our democracy that would be viewed as non-partisan corrections to the widely lamented distortions of democracy plaguing our system today? Such reforms might include:

  • Strictly limiting campaign contributions and spending,
  • Replacing the electoral college with a system that ensures every person’s vote counts equally,
  • Ending gerrymandering,
  • Automatic voter registration,
  • Declaring Election Day a paid national holiday, and
  • Breaking the Republican and Democratic parties’ duopoly, e.g., by including candidates of other parties in debates.

Wouldn’t most Americans, regardless of political party affiliation, and even contrary to their party representatives, support such reforms, so long as the process of advancing them did not collapse into a partisan fight or corporate hijacking over, say, a balanced budget amendment? Isn’t the growing disillusionment with democracy and lurch toward authoritarianism a result of frustration over how little power people have in our so-called democracy because of partisan gridlock, corporate lobbying, and the suffocating grip the establish parties hold over electoral options?


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