The perversity

It is striking how this played out. Obama and Comey both wanted to protect the integrity of the vote. But in doing so they both assumed Clinton would win. Then Trump won and we lost faith in the integrity of the election – a lose/lose outcome caused by their mistaken assumption. Trump set it up by questioning the integrity of the vote in advance, thus instilling this concern in two of the most conscientious people in government. They decided to do what they would not normally–Obama not making a bigger deal about Russia hacking our election and Comey reopening the Clinton investigation–because they were afraid of what Trump would do. Yet Trump would have been powerless to do anything. People would have forgotten about him in a week. Is this a problem of those who are not power-hungry–they get conned by those who are?


One thought on “The perversity

  1. And, I have heard, the same perverse dynamic explains why Clinton spent more time drumming up votes in sure-bet California than closer-call Rust Belt states: she expected to win the electoral college, but feared losing the popular vote, leaving her vulnerable to Trump’s rigged-election narrative.


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