Us vs. us

All our ills follow from how we relate to nature: as products for our consumption, as objects for our subjugation, as the inferior to our superiority, as the other to ourself. Even the oppression of people, whether based on race, sex, nationality, religion, class, etc., is rooted ultimately in our hierarchical relationship to nature: in order to justify the concentrated control over natural resources by some, we make the rest out to be other than, less than, people — lower down on the hierarchy that places nature on the bottom and us on top.

So long as we continue to treat nature as a field of resources to be exploited, we will exploit each other, too. The dynamic will only grow more intense as climate change causes access to resources to grow more uncertain. The time is now for a new dynamic, a new relationship to nature and therefore to each other — of not other at all, but one.


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