Live tax-free and die

Consider the fatal implications of contemporary conservative policies:

  1. Cutting environmental protections kills people (not to mention other living things) by increasing pollution and climate change.
  2. Cutting Medicaid and Obamacare kills people by reducing access to medical and mental health care.
  3. Restricting immigration, especially for refugees and asylum seekers, kills people by leaving them no safe alternatives.
  4. Anti-labor policies kill people by relaxing workplace safety protections and reducing the bargaining power of labor unions for benefits such as health care.
  5. Defunding family planning kills people by increasing the death rate of pregnant women.
  6. Refusing to issue protective orders and other relief for victims of domestic violence kills people increasing the chances of fatality.
  7. Liberal gun laws kill people by expanding access to firearms.
  8. Failing to hold police accountable kills people by allowing them to shoot civilians, especially black men.
  9. Being “tough on crime” kills people by exposing people to the violence and trauma of prison and directing limited funds away from public goods such as health care and education.
  10. Criminalization of drugs kills people by creating black markets where violence rules, failing to offer rehabilitative treatment for addiction, and reducing access to potentially beneficial drug use for medical and mental health.
  11. Refusing to restrict solitary confinement kills people by increasing suicide.
  12. Profiling Muslims and intervening in the Middle East to secure oil access kills people by fueling violent extremism.
  13. Belligerence toward Iran and North Korea put billions of lives at risk by increasing the chances of nuclear war.

All this death and misery so that the already-wealthy can profit.


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